About Me

I am Valbona Hoxha, a psychologist and a systemic psychotherapist living and working in Vienna, Austria.


I received my Bachelor's Degree in German Studies at the University of Foreign Languages in Tirana, Albania in July 2001.


Next, I decided to change the direction of my profession and enroll in a Bachelor's program in Psychology at The University of New York Tirana, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2012....It took me a number of years to graduate, as in between I was a full time mother.


Soon after, I enrolled in a full time Master's Program in Vienna, Austria. I received the Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology at Webster University Vienna in October 2015.

Feeling unfulfilled and in search of other tools helping to develop a stronger impact of a therapeutic dialogue, I decided to finish my Propaedeutikum (extra requirements as a prerequisite to a psychotherapy training).


In 2017 I received the eligibility to practice the profession of the systemic family psychotherapist under supervision and now I work as a licensed therapist.


Besides practicing psychotherapy as a profession, in 2021 I have compled my Ph.D. in Psychotherapy Science.


I have two children and two dogs and enjoy spending time at home.