Hello and welcome to my website! I am Valbona Hoxha, living and working in Vienna, Austria as a psychologist and a systemic psychotherapist. Feel free to browse through my website and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions. I offer therapeutic services in the English, German and Albanian Language.

Hallo und herzlich willkomen! Sie befinden sich auf der Website der Psychologin und Systemische Psychotherapeutin Valbona Hoxha. Zögern Sie nicht, einen Blick auf meiner Webseite zu werfen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich, wenn Sie Fragen haben. Ich biete Diensleistungen auf Englisch, Deutsch und Albanisch.

Përshëndetje dhe mirë se vini në faqen time online! Unë jam Valbona Hoxha dhe punoj si psikologe e psikoterapiste në Vjenë, Austri. Mos nguroni të me kontaktoni për çdo pyetje që mund t’ju lindë tek vizitoni këtë faqe. Gjuha e komunikimit për shërbimet e mëposhtme është gjuha angleze, gjermane ose gjuha shqipe.

Therapy Settings

Individual Therapy

Would self appreciation be the answer to your problem? Are you in need for a change?
This is all about you; may it be a problem, conflict, way you treat yourself and others, physical responses to emotional distress, self awareness and self growth.
We work together to find solutions, discover meanings, and build new understandings that bring a different light and possibly the desired change.

Image: Miró, (Metamorphosis, 1936)

Family Therapy

Family therapy sees the family as a whole or a system by taking good care of each individual’s needs.
We work together on enhancing communication and increasing appreciation for the family, described by Hegel’s philosophy as the “immediate substantiality of mind, specifically characterized by love”. This frame of mind may be suffering due to individualities within the unity which may have a need to be expressed. We focus on reducing conflict, building understanding and healthy boundaries in order for the individuals of the system to be members of it and make it flourish.

Image: Marc Chagall, (Fisherman’s family, 1968)

Couple Therapy

Are you confused about your feelings? Do you feel as if your partner changes your problem is solved? Do you want to work things out, or take on a different path? This is dedicated to you and your partner. Therapy may help you to develop a vision about yourself as a partner, build bridges that allow the sharing of feelings and emotions, helping with the creation of a common language and the visualization of the desirable future.

Image: Malcom Liepke, (In her arms,2001)


Are you looking for a short-term, straightforward, supportive, solution-based counseling? We work together on maximizing your effort to cope with stress, deal with life – work and school – related challenges, formulate and achieve goals, become more successful, and improve the overall quality of one’s personal and professional life.

Image: Andrew Judd,
(Paint the future)


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